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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Eternal Star Statue (Super Mario 64)

Here we have the Eternal Star Statue from Super Mario 64. What's that? This is just one of mastermind777's old crafts being reposted on the PaperMario blog? Shhh, you're not supposed to know that! Anyway, the statue could be found in the castle courtyard. The blurry texture on the plaque sparked many theories and debates. Soon, rumors that Luigi was in the game began to spread. Many people thought the plaque said "L is Real 2401". Others thought it said "Eternal Star". A few people thought it said "Land XY Player". But the widely accepted theory is that it is a generic plaque texture. Well, that and "Eternal Star". But I digress. Download it now!

Download here!

Designer: mastermind777
Testbuilder: mastermind777

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